PARVIN SHERE - A Versatile Artiste ,    By: KARAMAT GHORI
Poet, Journalist and former Pakistan's ambassador to number of countries including Turkey and Iraq.

                                         Subject: PARVIN SHERE'S PERSONALITY PROFILE  
Nature is believed to be universally just. It rewards all human beings with artistic ability and urge to create. However, there are some people more naturally endowed with talent of creativity. Parvin Shere--poet, writer, painter and musician--has been favored by nature with a streak of versatility that's not so common. It's rare, in fact, to find so much talent and dynamic energy to create art in its various forms concentrated in one person as it's in Parvin.
Parvin has been painting landscapes, portraits and other finer facets of painting for almost three decades. Her canvas is broad and her brush is replete with colors that only she knows how to combine to portray her subject, be that an inanimate bunch of flowers or the profile of a jaded old man, into a piece of art. Her vision has been enriched by her life-experience. Moving from one land to another, distant and remote as Canada is from her native India, has given her vision a breadth that's not easy to cultivate. She is like a migratory bird flying across variegated landscapes and vistas and absorbing deep and abiding imprints of whatever her painter's eye sees. No wonder that her paintings speak so many tongues to those who have the ability to listen to the symphony of colors. It's all the more amazing that having lived for so long in cold and snow-bound Manitoba, in Canada, she can still instantly dig into her memory bank of her native land and retrieve all its warmth and riot of colors.
Parvin's poetry is, likewise, redolent with a sensitivity that comes only from a poet's innate identity of perception with the sea of humanity around. She clearly feels the pain and suffering of those whom life has been unkind in more ways than one. Love is the brick and mortar Parvin uses to reach out to her subjects and construct around them a magical castle of human bondage.
There is a remarkable symmetry between Parvin's poetry on canvas and her colorful landscaping in verses and poems. Parvin has managed to marry the two genres of poetry and painting into an organic whole and Kirchian, her very impressive collection of poetry, in two languages: Urdu, her mother-tongue and English, her acquired medium of communication in the land of her migration. But she didn't remain content to let her verses, of great sensitivity and sensual conviction, speak in words only. Parvin has adorned her favorite poems with a visionary depiction in colors and produced a sterling combine of paintings that rhyme perfectly with poetry.
Combining poetry and painting into one coffee-table sized presentable book is no mean achievement. But Kirchian is much more than that; it's a born artiste's lasting tribute to her concern for the welfare of humanity around her. Parvin has succeeded eminently in her mission. Her book is a paean to humanity, a powerful tribute to the contribution of Parvin's social milieu to her rise and recognition as a multi-talented and versatile artiste.