110th anniversary celebration of the Society of Artists

PARVIN SHERE, a noted poet and artist was recognized at the 110th anniversary celebration of historical and prestigious Manitoba Society of Artists, Canada.  It was held  on July 20th, 2012 in Winnipeg prestigious art gallery. On this occasion Parvin's art work was displayed. By all accounts it was a very memorable event attended by elite audience. The society featured multiple artists to salute its rich past and present. The Manitoba Society of Artists was founded in 1902 to recognize the merits of outstanding visual artists. The first exhibition was held in 1926. The society provides educational ventures along with lectures, slide presentations and work shops .The members are chosen by a jury panel and must be practicing artists. "The promotions of the value of art are vital concerns that help the society perform our duty towards art. In this manner the society hope to perpetuate a visual voice that reaches long into the future." says Bonnie Taylor, President of the Society.
Parvin Shere has the honour of being a member of the Jury panel of this historical Society of Artists. Her global travel to 20 countries enriched her creative vision. It triggered in her a need to enlighten her audience about the dualistic nature of the world, because beauty, peace, sufferings and violence co-exist in a state of balance . While oil is Parvin's  principal medium, she also works with acrylic, pastels and pencil. Her technique makes vivid use of light and shadow, often creating ethereal dimensions which are both spiritual and emotional.  Parvin Shere's visual art has been displayed in Canada, U.S.A, England, France, Germany, China and India. To her credit Parvin has 8 solo shows and 21 group shows and has received seven awards for her paintings. Her painting was part of Canadian film industry - movie of the renowned Canadian writer Margaret Atwood. Shere has been painting for over three decades and developed her talent at the Univrsity of Manitoba, Canada, Fine Arts program. Her works are included in major private and corporate collection in Canada,  U.S.A , England, India and China. "Art has the power of communicating with the eyes and is indeed a very important medium to touch the soul. The challenge for the artist is to capture the aura of the unseen", says Parvin. She was also honoured as one of five nominees for the prestigious " Women of Distinction Award" for her contribution to Art, Culture, and Heritage, in Winnipeg, Canada. She is a social activist and has won UNICEF award for helping the needy children through her art work . Parvin is an author of two coffee table size publications on paintings and related poetry. She is a recipient of four awards for her unique publications including the "Best Book Urdu Markaz International Award" held in Los Angeles, U.S.A and Sahir Academy International Award. Parvin's books of poetry and related paintings and the impression of her global travel will be published shortly.

Parvin Shere at the event

Parvin Shere's oil painting- Title  "Montmartre"

A glimpse of the exhibition