Organization for Promotion of Urdu in Moscow FAROGH-E-URDU MOSCOW

the Department of Indian Philology, IAAS MSU along with PAKISTAN SOCIETY MOSCOW

"PEARLS FROM THE OCEAN"/  "CHAND SEEPIYAN SAMUNDARON SE"- PARVIN SHERE'S latest bilingual (Urdu/English) publication was introduced at the Moscow State University, Russia
on Saturday, June 14, 2014 at 3 P.M 
Professor Dr. Ludmila Vasilyeva of the Moscow State University, Farogh-e-Urdu Moscow, Department of Indian Philology, IAAS MSU, along with Pakistan Society Moscow organized this special event. This historical institution  was established in 1755 where over 40,000 students are enrolled. "CHAND SEEPIYAN SAMUNDARON SE"/ "PEARLS FROM THE OCEAN"
is a projection of Parvin's inner feelings of her travel to South Africa and Peru focused on Apartheid and Inca civilization. The function was attended by prominent MSU (Moscow State University) scholars, dignitaries and students. The representatives of Russian State Library, the Institute of Oriental Studies, and the Russian Humanitarian University  participated in this memorable "BOOK EVENT". Professor Dr. Ludmila Vasilyeva, a renowned scholar of Russian and Urdu language and a distinguished professor of literature at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia  welcomed the assembled guests.  In her opening remarks, Dr. Ludmila Vasilyeva talked  about "Pearls From the Ocean"  in great depth. She was full of praise of  Parvin Shere's literary achievents and her  two previous publications . In her address to the audience, Parvin talked about her creative works. She expressed
to the audience - " upon my travel, I Jumped over the wall of faith, culture, language
and went in the courtyard of the hearts. I realized that human bodies are like colored
glass containers and souls are like water. As a result the water appears of different colors inside the glass. Human lives are only one color hidden in different color of culture, faith and language. This book has both pain and joy. Pain of horrifying Apartheid and joy of serenity of Peru". She recited her poems at the request of the audience. Her presentation was very well received. Parvin was very touched and said, how fortunate she is to be honoured at this historical world renowned Moscow State University of Russia and thanked all the participants and the organizers
and in particular to Professor Dr. Ludmila Vasilyeva for this honour.  Prints of Parvin's paintings were displayed and were observed with great interest. The Russian member parliament, Mr. Genady Avdeev along with his wife Ludmila Avdeeva were among the guests  present on this occasion. Mrs. Ludmila Avdeeva , a famous  Russian poetess presented her book of poetry " BETEP CTPAHCTBUU" to Parvin Shere . Parvin presented her book to Dr. Liudmila Khokhlova-Institute of Asian and African Studies,  for Moscow State University library and to Ms. Maria Khaytseva-Deputy Head, Russian State Library.  Moscow State University library  is one of the largest in Russia. The library has a collection of 9,000,000 books, 2,000,000 of them in foreign languages.  Irina Maksimenko-Head South Asian Section of Radio "Voice of Russia" recorded Parvin Shere's speech for Radio Moscow .  "Radio Moscow" was the first international radio station of the world.  Parvin Shere talked about her old dream to touch the land of great minds of Russia. She talked about her favorite rich literary giants of Russia like Leo Tolstoy - philosopher and political thinker, Boris Pasternak - winner of Nobel Prize in literature and Alexander Pushkin - author of the Romantic era who is considered by many to be the greatest Russian poet and the founder of modern Russian literature.  It was  overwhelming when she visited the City of Pushkin in St.Petersburg and touched Pushkin's sculpture.  Parvin's Sitar CD was played in the background. It was a memorable  and well attended event.


Genady Avdeevy, Russian member parliament & wife Luidmila Avdeeva presenting her book of poetry to Parvin Shere


Parvin shere, Maria Khaytseva- Deputy Head- Russian State Library and Dr. Ludmila Vasilyeva


Parvin Shere and Dr. Ludmila Vasilyeva (talking about Pearls from the Ocean)


With the organizing committee


A glimpse of the crowd at the book event


Professor Natalia Kovtoun introducing Parvin Shere.


Dr.Ludmila Vasilyeva, Parvin Shere and Professor Natalia Kovtoun, Moscow State University.jpg


Waris Shere at  MSU (Moscow State University, Russia)

Dr. Ludmila Khokhlova, Dr. Ludmila Vasilyeva and Parvin Shere,presentation of "Pearls From the Ocean".

Professor Natalia Kovtoun with Parvin's painting .

Ms.Irina Maksimenko-Head south Asian section, VOICE OF RUSSIA and Parvin Shere


Ms. Irina Maksimenko-Head south Asian section, Voice of Russia and Parvin Shere

Member Parliament Mr. Genady Avdeev, Russian poet-Mrs. Ludmila Avdeev and Parvin Shere

Russian poet- Ludmila Avdeev and Parvin Shere

Statue of Pushkin and Waris Shere , in city of Pushkin.

16) Catherine palace in City of Pushkin.


World famous metro station in Moscow

Parvin Shere at World famous metro station of Moscow.

Parvin Shere at Kremlin, Moscow

Statue of Karl Marx in Moscow and Parvin Shere

Street of Moscow- Dr. Ludmila Vasilyeva and Parvin Shere