A life free of hazards is hard to conceive.
A mountain came against my way
The first step I took,
And what I found at end of toil--a wild deserted place.
As evening sets in, tears flow
And fuel the lamps to glow.
They make you think of gatherings
Candle-lit and gay.
Splendors of your image
I see in sands enriched
And spring in all its colors
I pick from the sands.
A thousand songs sweet and dear
Repose, concealed in heart,
If ever they venture out to lips
They wail in bitter complaints.
How to locate and find now
The trace of shore devoured by storms,
The monster winds have now advaned
and swept away my hope.
O Parvin!
Can ever I fend my heart
When stones I see
In rosy hands?
                                    (Translated by Ishrat Roomani)