My life without your company,
I do not mind the pangs,
For cactus has inspired in me
The dreams of spring and you.
My shattered heart and so much light! 
I do not know the cause.
Was it the shooting meteor
I saw lighten the night?
The city lies in darkness
Even when day has come.
The sun with hope defeated
Is living an eclipsed life.
The world in lurking mirage trapped,
And deceptions all around,
The lapping waves in lakes beyond
Are nothing but sandy traps.
A bunch of thorns in heart concealed
A bouquet held in hand,
A master of deception but hard to detect.
He lurks in our midst.
Spring has descended
On withered boughs of memories
And brought along its wake for me,
A bouquet of light for weary sight.
Dreams that keep the trees alive
Through all the changing seasons,
Are that the birds would come some day
To build their nests and sing.
To fend the mirrors against flying stones,
To keep them safe from hazards all,
Give them a shield of the very stones,
That threatens mirror's  life.
Let us venture out and look together
For lands where clouds are blessings
Where clouds can bathe our thirsty souls
In life nourshing rains.
                                                                        (Translated by Ishrat Roomani)