(English Translation by Dr. Satya Pal Anand)

Parvin Shere

It is the heartwarming sound of song
Betokening the living throbs of this house
Which is but my whole universe
It is my self-same friend - speaking for me
In each breath it shares my breathing
Whenever my melancholy heart
Forgets to throb
Loses its poise with the pain of separation
My ship of life flounders on high seas
As if it would capsize
And in my dreams and wakeful moment-
My dear ones beckon to me from thousands of miles
Then this my pal, my bosom friend
My boatswain
Brings them to me riding on air waves
K-ills distances.
Its one little wire connects
Distances between sound and hearing
It is the one friend left in my life
Who's my confidant.

The thing on the table
The phone that's ringing now...
My life ties with its one frail wire.
God forbid
If, at all, for some reason
This little wire snaps with rumble!