Clinging to your finger, mom,
I ventured my first steps:
Learned to make difficult turns,
On the tortuous walks of life;
And when I stumbled you gave me the will,
To raise my self in a hurry.
A deep sea of love you are,
Delightful, energizing
A shade tree in the midst of desert
Soft warmth of life's sunshine,
Like the cloud providing shade
From the blistering summer sun,
Beneath the comfort of your beautiful branches
I closed my hurtful eyes and rested,
Your cool shadow felt like a raindrop's kiss
On a body burning in the sun.
Many a phase of life I have traveled,
Disguised by changing times,
My feet are blistered,
The journey long,
Am tired beyond exhaustion,
Hidden in a body like a tattered shell,
I still feel like your little child.
Hold on again to my finger,
Plant a kiss on my burning lips,
Sing a sweet lullaby,
Embrace me in a warm snuggle,
Around me wrap your shawl.
                                                                        (Translated by Syed Izhar Rizvi)