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Friday MAY 26, 2006

B o o k   r e v i e w

Beyond Frangments


When creativity is all humble and humane and where feelings flow straight from the heart, no matter how sorrowful are the souls and no wonder how gloomy the atmosphere; beyond the fragmented disposition is a glimmer of hope. As such, the publication KIRCHIAN (Fragments) by Parvin Shere, a Canadian of Pakistani origin, is a unique endeavor to streamline and highlight human pains and agonies through a harmonious blend of poetry, painting and presentation.
  The God-gifted flair and faculty the author has for poetry, music and painting reflect from her life and expression with the promise and potential of an overwhelming influence on men of letters, men at the helm of affairs and man in the street.
  It becomes all the more objective and purposeful with the natural and winning appeal the author possesses and presents through beautifully blending pen and words with colors and brushes towards projecting the meaning and reality of life.
  As Parvin lives in Canada with her all-inspiring husband, Professor Waris Shere and all-absorbing children, Sahba, Sheraz and Feraz, the marvels of Manitoba are overwhelmed and overshadowed by feelings she nurtures and nurses for the
  distressed humanity, specially in her home of origin.
  The book has two objectives for her: To be relentlessly sharing the sorrows of the sad and suffering souls, particularly children, especially where she comes from. And to endeavor, inform and enrich her own children of the bitter legalities of life and to be in
  touch with our language, and culture while living in Canada, the land of worldly opportunities.
  Imagine picking up fragments from the level of a bare-footed, torn-clothed and heart-broken little boy washing vehicles for meager money be it blazing sun or biting
  cold. Think about comparing anguishing human predicament, poverty and plight with blinding leisure, luxuries and lifestyles Of materialistically bewitched or bewildered societies. That's the stunning contrast with winning appeal Parvin Shere tend to depict
  poem after poem and painting after painting, consciously or sub- consciously, sooner or later and somehow or the other through  remarkable spontaneity she draws
  from humane feelings and divine inspiration.
  While sensitively it is all appealing and captivating, statistically it is exclusive and
  extra-ordinary. There are as many as 73 heart touching and thought provoking poems and 91 eye-catching and mind-boggling paintings amid echoes of earlending and attention grabbing charm and charisma. The message is, however, simple and humble, projecting the suffering humanity, specially the distressed children.
  As feelings shatter into fragments and scatter over a gloomy horizon, there are hosts of harassing tales amid harrowing helplessness. The agony is "endless", as she depicts an unending desert of loneliness and vividly portrays in "the last station", scenes of sadness with feelings of desolation.
  Whether lamenting about the tragedy of "Iraq and Iraqis or delving into the eternally "Silent City" free of pain and pang or depicting her woes through the
  "shattered dreams" or crying plaintively over the crushed henna leaves or sobbing profusely over lonely souls in old people's homes, Parvin's  expressions are
  astoundingly and astonishingly boundless and baffling and find solace in motherly love for her own children and cry and vie to huddle and cuddle in her own
  mother's arms for salvation and security.
  Commenting on painting with elegance and eloquence, she talks of
  of dreams unleash and come true  amid "nairanig"(new colors)
  spawning a garden in full bloom over canvas.
    In "hum awaz", choral harmony, there is synchronization of instrument with voice, urging enslaved melodies and songs to be released for sharing and caring of the aggreieved humanity. She says in "mera kalam" (my address): "let
  them (the verses) blossom on the flowerbed of paper so that the whole world can resound with fragrance".
  As such, it is beyond fragments of a broken heart to fragrance of noble, humble, and gentle feelings for the pained, distressed, and aggrieved that is simply spellbinding.
  While Ahmed Faraz, a celebrity of a poet calls her a goddess of Greek mythology, Himayat Ali Shair, a visionary of a poet titles Parvin a new Sarswati. Satyapal
  Anand says, "The beauty of Shere's art is that the pictures converse with you".
  Kirchian  was launched at the Regent Plaza in Karachi recently. The Chief Guest of this occasion was Dr. Jamil Jalibi. It was well attended, addressed and adored by such men of letters as Amjad Islam Amjad, Dr Mohammad Ali Siddiqi, Dr. Pirzada Qasim Raza Siddiqi, SM Moin Siddiqi, Himayat Ali Shair, Ishrat Romani and Anwar Ahmed Alvi.
  It is selling high in Canada and in the United States. It is on its way to be launched in New Delhi, India in early April. It is expected to be available soon in Pakistan at affordable cost.
  While every fraction of the fragments speaks for itself, the tribute paid to KIRCHlAN by  select and distinguished men of letters, especially for its all humane Vision, originality, feelings, compassion and reality, elevate and honor the author and her book beyond Fragments to such heights and horizon where sky is the limit.
  Beyond  fragments is a noble cause. All its earnings go to the victims of earthquake in Pakistan and for the relief of the Tsunami catastrophe. The real beneficial are envisioned to be the preys, or victims of these natural calamities
  especially children.
  (The writer is associated with Institute of Business Management, Korangi Creek, Karachi).