Parvin Shere is an artist, poet and musician. She formally developed her talent of paintings at the University of Manitoba, Canada, Fine Arts Program. Her extensive travel throughout Europe and particularly in developing countries triggered in her a need to enlighten her audience about the dualistic nature of this world. The oppressed has a profound effect on her work. Her visual art has been shown extensively in Canada, U.S.A., England, France and India. Her work is displayed in many prominent public and private collection internationally. She has received several awards for her paintings. She was one of five nominees honored during the prestigious "Woman of Distinction Awards" for her contribution in Art, Culture and Heritage in Winnipeg, Canada. She has composed CD'S of poetry and music for UNICEF to help raise funds for underprivileged children globally. In addition to organ and banjo, she plays the sitar, one of the most ancient and difficult instruments. She currently serves on the Film Classification Board in Manitoba, Canada.

Parvin Shere A Poet Of All Times

Like a flower on a cactus, a fountain splashing out from the bosom of a burning stone, a drop of cool air on the lips of a burning wind, a peaceful melody in a jungle of screams, a blanket of sunlight on a shivering body in the peak of winter, a shower of dew kisses on the parched lips of the Earth, a cloud providing shade. This is what she is - this is what is Mother! That who cannot be explained but can only be felt.
A Mother is that wind on whose waves blessings float on eternally . She is a branch that squeezes all of its blood to nourish its flowers until the last drop of its own life is gone.